The Slaugh Migration


Introductory Post –

Welcome! Well if you're reading this then you are interested in Dark Heresy and for some reason you've clicked on this humble tale.

You won't find any content initially – I only stumbled on this website today so I'm going to have to work it all out and then you'll see the tale so far for 'Angels Two Zero' and meet the cast.

This is a Dark Heresy – Order Xenos Inquisitorial RPG – Closed I'm afraid – I Co-GM a crew of 8 here in Perth in Western Australia who meet on a fortnightly basis. Our story so far…. Well that would be telling and that's for another post…. but by way of a bit of background 'Angels Two Zero' is a recently commissioned cell currently reporting Inquisitor Van Vuygens in the Calexis Sector of space.

Taking it's name from the 'Charlies Angels' – this particular group all have secrets that will be unravelled as this and successive campaigns are fought and published. I can promise you that updates will be fairly frequent, that the secrets of our characters will keep being revealed and that together the Angels will face the worst humanity of the 41st millennium has to throw at them.

GM Paulos Signing Off



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