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GM Notes - character secrets & mis-adventures

So here's my second post and I wanted to elaborate on two points unique to our game that don't get mentioned in a typical game of Dark Heresy.

Character Secrets

Whenever I read something set in the 40k universe, the politics and character agendas are as much a part of the storyline as the antagonists and the backdrop of this universe.

I wanted to ensure that my players experienced this aspect as well, I wanted intrigue in the group and I wanted trusts and loyalties in the group to be transient.  

To this end, every character has their secrets – their skeletons in the closet – and every session we have something new surface for one or more characters in their personal destiny arcs.  

None of these secrets if revealed will show the character in a good light, but each has the opportunity to bury the past, exploit it or embrace their destinies, for good or bad.  You see secrets never remain buried and actions may be required by a character to safeguard their futures – and that's where their personal destiny arcs come in.  Balanced on a knife edge – every character is given the opportunity to pull back from the abyss or to make the leap. 

It's received unanimous support from my players and is something I recommend to any new GM.  I'm sure I'm telling the experienced GM's to suck eggs but for me it was a bit of a revelation and allows me to interweave strong political and moral dilemmas in to a universe which doesn't necessarily embrace such thinking.

You'll be able to find out more – once I've typed it all up – every one of the player characters in our campaign wiki will have a section for the revealing of their personal destinies.  

I hope you enjoy reading these and that it may inspire some of you to use the concept in your own games.


With that news out of the way the other thing to explain about our campaign is that most of our players actually field two characters – I'm told this is common in games like Shadowrun – it's something I recommended to players because the Warhammer universe is very unforgiving and I don't like running games where people build up super strong characters where the affect of their deaths is felt all the more by the group and player. 

Rest assured in a universe like this one – characters will die – For in the grim darkness of the far future their is only war!



Introductory Post –

Welcome! Well if you're reading this then you are interested in Dark Heresy and for some reason you've clicked on this humble tale.

You won't find any content initially – I only stumbled on this website today so I'm going to have to work it all out and then you'll see the tale so far for 'Angels Two Zero' and meet the cast.

This is a Dark Heresy – Order Xenos Inquisitorial RPG – Closed I'm afraid – I Co-GM a crew of 8 here in Perth in Western Australia who meet on a fortnightly basis. Our story so far…. Well that would be telling and that's for another post…. but by way of a bit of background 'Angels Two Zero' is a recently commissioned cell currently reporting Inquisitor Van Vuygens in the Calexis Sector of space.

Taking it's name from the 'Charlies Angels' – this particular group all have secrets that will be unravelled as this and successive campaigns are fought and published. I can promise you that updates will be fairly frequent, that the secrets of our characters will keep being revealed and that together the Angels will face the worst humanity of the 41st millennium has to throw at them.

GM Paulos Signing Off


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